Your own bank, on Ethereum.

Store money using secure hardware on your phone. Yours alone, like cash.

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Why Daimo?

Secure, audited, and fully open source. The safest, fastest way to stablecoin.

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Your keys, your coins.

No seed phrase. Keys live in secure hardware on your phone. Secure passkey backups. The freedom of self-custody, easier than ever before.

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Works everywhere.

Pay and receive stablecoins globally. Instant, 24/7 transfers to any of your contacts or any wallet address. Send a request link, get paid on-chain.

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What is "bridging"?

Receive any coin on any chain. Skip slow and expensive bridges. We're cooking up a really clean way to do this... shipping soon.

There are these apps that just feel good to use but you can't exactly describe why. Daimo is one of those.
Kristof Gazso

ERC-4337 coauthor, founder of Pimlico

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