Open Roles

We’re building Daimo, the personal bank on Ethereum.

Ethereum has seen recent fundamental improvements, and it’s just now becoming possible to ship a great product. Payments are just the start.


In-person preferred, San Francisco. High impact, high equity, high agency. Reach out to DC and Nalin at founders at daimo.com

Founding Infrastructure Engineer

Looking for

  • Experience shipping production software.

Nice to have

  • Experience with high performance / high uptime services
  • Applied cryptography
  • Ethereum experience
  • You’ve been on PagerDuty
Founding Design Engineer

Looking for

  • Experience designing & shipping great UX.
  • Portfolio. Things you’ve built.

Nice to have

  • Excalidraw / great product sense
  • React Native / expo
  • Wagmi / viem / ethereum frontend development

About us

We’re a four-person team, and we’re shipping fast. Since we started in summer 2023:

For more, see our Github.